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Our aim is to preserve the natural tooth substance as far as possible.
We “fill” gaps with individually made and perfectly fitting crowns or inlays.

Dentures (inlays, crowns, partial crowns) are available at your specialist dental practice in Munich for functionality and esthetics in dental medicine.

If there is a gap, we fill it invisibly and carefully.

As a dental practice in Munich specialized in professional dentures, we take care of your perfect dental replacement, using the latest techniques and highest quality materials. Dental replacement through inlays, partial crowns, crowns or bridges must be considered carefully, as the priority is to preserve the natural tooth substance. If this is not sufficiently possible, then we have the following ceramic solutions available:


To remedy small or large defects (such as after removing old or harmful fillings), if synthetic fillings cannot be used, ceramic inlays are applied to reconstruct the tooth.

Partial crowns

Partial crowns are a ceramic cover for just part of the tooth. Contrary to a crown, whose border runs along the tooth neck, the edge of the partial crown is mostly above the gum. Dental cusps are merely coped over.

All-ceramic crowns

The insertion of a crown is required if the dental hard tissue of the natural tooth crown is largely damaged and partial crowns, composite fillings or inlays can no longer provide sufficient tooth substance.


If teeth are missing, bridges can be used to close the gap. If a tooth is missing, the teeth next to it can be ground and used as supports, to be linked by means of a bridge. The missing tooth is suspended in between and closes the gap esthetically. The disadvantage, however, is that a lot of tooth substance must be reduced on the support teeth and cleaning the interspaces is more difficult.

Consultation before treatment

Of course, we discuss all the individual treatment options with you, explain their advantages and disadvantages and draw up a detailed treatment and cost plan for your insurance. If there are further questions, we are of course happy to advise.


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