Schorge Smile @ Lycee Schorge in Koudougou , Burkina Faso, Afrika

Lycée Schorge - in high school in Koudougou

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world. Especially the schools and the school system are in a miserable state, which leads to an extremely low literacy rate.

The Stern Stewart Institute initiated the extraordinary school project "Lycee Schorge" . The Stern Stewart Institute's vision is to promote the educational level in Burkina Faso and to give the country an example for a good, up-to-date education. The proportion of female students is to rise to at least 50% and give 350 pupils a chance to create their own future and support themselves and their families. The construction of the Lycée Schorge began in October 2014. The school is the world renowned Francis Kere , who was born in Burkina Faso, now has his office in Berlin. The focus of the modern building lies in the sustainability with numerous architectural, innovative elements.

With our prophylaxis project "Schorge Smile", we want to ensure that all students of the "Lycee Schorge" are and will remain free from caries or gum disease.

Already in February 2016, Baslayi Tindano and Dr. Mark Sebastian trained the students in domestic tooth cleaning. Since then, each student has been cleaning his teeth every day after lunch with the help of toothbrush, dental floss and teeth. The environmentally friendly bamboo toothbrushes are approved by the organization "Humble Smile Foundation" donated. As a partner for environmentally friendly dental tablets, we were able to win Denttabs

In August 2016 the "Hilfswerk German Dentists for Leprosy and Emergency Areas" A complete dentist-treatment unit at school. At the beginning of the school year, Nurse Hélène was trained as a dental prophylaxis assistant. The first 50 students were examined, the teeth were removed and polished. 90% of the students had only gum problems, one third of them severe. Only 10% of the pupils also showed a strong tooth decay.

Every day, Hélène teaches a class of prophylaxis cleaning in the classroom. Baslayi Tindano supervises the project "Schorge Smile", teaches and controls the implementation. For all pupils, this program finds great interest, interest and interest. In the future, a dentist will arrive twice a year for a few weeks to remove the tooth decay and fill the fillings.

Pictures of the last visit:

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