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We guarantee you a painless treatment
With optimal anesthesia. Also for anxiety patients.

Together with experienced anesthesiologists, we offer the possibility to carry out dental procedures and surgical procedures under general anesthesia or during dormancy. Optimal also for anxiety patients.

Whether local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia. You are in good hands with us.

Depending on the patient's wish, the treatment is performed under local anesthesia, during drowsiness or under general anesthesia. Obviously accompanied by an experienced anesthetist.

Local anesthetic in your dental treatment

By administering a local anesthetic, we switch your pain receptors off in a targeted manner. This is through the injection of a local anesthetic (e.g. Lidocain) near the dental area to be treated. You are aware of the treatment, but do not feel any pain. As the effect of the local anesthetic lasts for about 3 hours, you will feel numbness in this area for a period of time even after the intervention.

Sedation (e.g. for fearful patients)

By administering sedatives and sleeping pills (Dormicum/Valium), we put you in a state similar to deep sleep, which will make you forget your fear of the intervention. While you “relax”, you are free from pain and breathe independently. In addition, we administer painkillers to switch off pain.

General anesthetic

If a general anesthetic is administered, your awareness is switched off completely and you can “sleep through” the whole treatment. Our anesthetists monitor your vital functions closely. Modern anesthetics allow a controlled wake-up phase without side effects.

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