Wir bringen Ihre Zähne in die optimale Position.
Professional orthodontics (braces, braces, invisalign) at your
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We set your teeth in an optimal position. With high-quality braces, brackets or Invisalign.

Orthodontics by your specialist at Max 36.

With our orthodontic treatment, we correct misalignments of the teeth and the jaw. A tooth misalignment is any position of the tooth outside of the ideal form of the dental arch on the upper and lower jaw, which has negative esthetic or functional effects or disturbs the bite.

Braces (aligner technique)

For this method, first of all impressions of the upper and lower jaw are digitally scanned at the Invisalign laboratory in the USA. With the help of a special computer graphics program, based on a scanned image of the rows of teeth as they are, a treatment objective determined beforehand is represented three-dimensionally and divided into individual treatment phases. For each of these phases, individual braces are made that are worn in the beginning for two weeks, then for a week. During this time, the teeth are continuously moved in the intended direction through the exertion of pressure.

In case of larger movement, small tooth-colored synthetic pads must be affixed to the teeth. Then the next braces follow, until the required treatment goal has been reached. The duration of the treatment, depending on the degree of misalignment, is usually between 6 and 18 months, rarely longer. To maintain the result, a retainer must then be worn at night.


Tooth misalignments are corrected by Invisalign through a series of aligners made individually for you and therefore very comfortable. These removable braces are barely visible on the teeth. As a certified Invisalign “Gold Provider” practice, we are the right contact people for you.



Brackets are standard fixing elements for permanent braces in orthodontics. They are stuck to the surface of the tooth with special adhesive techniques and form a base for moving the teeth. Each bracket has a device for holding an arch, in the form of a horizontal, slit-like clasp. The arch is fixed to this slit by means of a fine wire (ligatures), linking all the brackets. The arch pulls the teeth into the right position and must be changed every five to six weeks. Apart from stainless steel, today brackets are made of ceramics, composites or titanium.



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